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Acterna TTC T-Berd 950 Communications Analyzer


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Category: Network Testers, Analyzers, & Test Sets
Manufacturer: Acterna / TTC
Part Number: T-Berd 950
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Description: The Acterna TB-950 Communications Analyzer is a multi-functional instrument that combines troubleshooting and turn-up testing capabilities for digital, analog, voice, and data circuits in one unit. The T-BERD 950 thoroughly tests digital services such as T1/FT1, DDS local loop, and T1 PBX trunks. It also supports testing for analog services such as DID and analog data. Protocol services including ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, and frame relay, in addition to other network technologies and services are also supported by the T-BERD 950. Built with the demands of the field technician in mind, the T-BERD 950 is designed to expand and support new technologies and services without sacrificing the ease of use or portability.

The T-BERD 950 can verify network/WAN connectivity from an Ethernet interface by transmitting Internet control message protocl (ICMP) echo requests (PINGs) and respond to received PINGs. Additionaly, the T-BERD 950 can place, receive, and monitor ISDN PRI calls on 23 B+D, 47 B+D, and 46 B+2D circuits while viewing full layer 3 D channel decodes. When testing DS0 channels, the T-Berd 950 can place, receive, or monitor calls as well as analyze captured signaling events and digits on T1 voice trunks when performing PCM TIMS tests such as C-message noise and three tone slope over individual tone slope over individual channels. Accessing standard BERT options such as frame relay allows the T-BERD 950 to perform dual receiver monitoring or terminated testing at the customer's four-wire DDS 65k, 56k, or sub-rate lines. The T-BERD 950 provides complete link management at customer premises equipment (CPE) and test frame generation to verify frame relay LMI functionality, PVC status and quality of service (QoS).

This unit has the following options installed:

TB950-SIG: PCM Signaling
TB950-BATT: Extended Life Battery

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