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Electro-Lite BONDWand UV Flood System


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Category: Soldering, Bonding, & UV Equipment
Manufacturer: Electro-Lite
Part Number: BONDWand
Quantity: 1
Price Each: $495.00

Description: The hand-held or bench top mountable Bondwand emits the highest UV intensity of any comparable lamp on the market. The Bondwand employs a built-in, variable exposure timer of one, two, and three minute intervals as well as continuous and is an ideal tool for research and production applications. The Bondwand delivers 25mW/cm of controlled ultraviolet energy at a peak wavelength of 350nm or at 450nm visible cure. When using an available Black Light Lamp the Bondwand becomes an excellent and highly effective NDT inspection device for boards, welds and plastics.

This unit has the following specifications:
Power Output: 25 mW/cm2 @ 365nm
Input V/W: 120V 50/60Hz
Exposure Area: 5 x 1

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