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UDT Instruments S380 Dual-Channel Power Meter Optometer


UDT Instruments S380 Dual-Channel Power Meter Optometer image #1

UDT Instruments S380 Dual-Channel Power Meter Optometer image #2

Category: Meters [Noise, Optical, Power, & More]
Manufacturer: UDT
Part Number: S380
Quantity: 2
Price Each: $2,795.00

Description: With the S380, it is simple to simultaneously measure two light sources. The user programs the second channel using the same prompts that guided him through programming the first. And results are readout on a large, 32-character LCD screen. The S380 is ideal for ratio measurements and includes analog output.

This unit has the following specifications:
Accuracy: Linear Mode || Log Mode

From 10 to the 3 to 10 to the 7 range: +1 count || +1 count
From 10 to the 8 to 10 to the 9 range: +1 count || +1 count

Dynamic Range: 10 decades || 9 decades
Temperature Drift:

From 10 to the 3 to 10 to the 7 range: 0.03% /C || N/A
From 10 to the 8 to 10 to the 9 range: 0.06% /C || N/A

Display: Liquid crystal, with two lines of 16 characters each
Display Range: 0000 to 9999
Range Control: Automatic or manual

Digital: IEEE-488
Analog: 0-2.5 VDC

Output Connectors

Digital: IEEE-488
Analog: BNC

Bandwidth: 9.0 Hz

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