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Aerotech XZ Verticle Lift Linear Stage System ATS100-50-20P & AVS105 50mm x 5mm

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Aerotech XZ Linear Stage System

This auction includes the following:

  • One (1) X Stage Model: ATS100-50-20P: 50mm  Travel
  • One (1) X Stage Motor Model: 101SMB2-HM
  • One (1) Z Stage Model: AVS105: 5mm Travel

The ATS100 series motor-driven linear stages provide the high resolution and repeatability required for semiconductor wafer testing and fabrication, automated microscope inspection systems and precision micromachining applications.

ATS100 series stages are machined from a special cast aluminum alloy to provide a high strength-to-weight ratio and long-term stability. The base is a box design that provides exceptional stiffness and stability.

ATS100 series stages employ a precision-ground ball screw pre-loaded to eliminate backlash, and its nut has wipers to prevent contamination and maintain high accuracy throughout the life of the stage. High-quality, pre-loaded duplex bearings are used to eliminate axial play.

All ATS100 series stages incorporate Linear Motion Guide (LMG) bearings to provide high load capability and high stiffness. The LMG design provides a compact stage with continuous carriage support over the entire travel and good cantilevered load capability. Integral wipers on the bearing trucks help ensure stage travel life. Highly accurate optical limit switches and end stops are also standard.

Integral bellows-type waycovers protect the drive and bearing system from contamination. Metal surfaces are protected with an attractive clear anodized finish.

The ATS100 has the following features:

  • Long life linear motion guide bearing system
  • Ultra-fine resolution
  • Integral bellows waycovers
  • Low-profile compact design
  • Includes brushless, slotless motor

The AVS105 has the following features:

  • Model: AVS105
  • Type: Metric
  • Configuration: Single Axis
  • Total Travel: 0.20  Inch  (5 mm)
  • Mechanical Drive System: Lead screw
  • Maximum Payload: 22.00  lb  (9.98 kg)
  • Maximum Travel Speed: 0.197  in/s  (5 mm/s)
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