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Agilent 83433A & 83434A 10 Gb/s Lightwave Transmitter & Receiver 1554.13 nm ~ HP Keysight

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Agilent 83433A & 83434A 10 Gb/s Lightwave Transmitter & Receiver

The Agilent 83433A transmitter and the Agilent 83434A receiver provide the optical interfaces necessary to allow bit error ratio testing of 10 Gb/s optical transmitters and receivers used in 10 Gb/s SONET/SDH, 10 GigE, and IP optical net-works as well as systems employing forward error correction (FEC). The 83433A and 83434A may be combined to create a complete optical link for system or fiber testing.

The 83434A receiver’s non-retimed output is designed for use with the Agilent 71612C 12.5 Gb/s Error receiver output decision threshold and timing to optimize BER. Because of this, Q-factor and eye contour analysis for optical signal degradation testing can be accomplished using the 83434A, 71612C and the E4543A Q-factor and eye-contour analysis software.
The 83434A receiver recovers clock and data from digitally modulated SONET/SDH OC-192/STM-64 optical signals. The amplified PIN-diode produces a linear output with AGC stabilization. The receiver is designed to provide –16 dBm sensitivity for a 2 to the 31st -1 PRBS with a BER performance of at least 1 x 10 to the -10.

The Agilent 83433A 10 Gb/s Lightwave Transmitter operates at 1554.13 nm.

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