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AIR TECHNIQUES A/T 2000 XR AUTOMATIC FILM PROCESSOR PN 45000 AT2000 XR A/T2000XR is available to buy in increments of 1
Air Techniques AT 2000 XR PN 45000 Automatic Film Processor

System does not have any processing racks installed. It has discoloration from the developer liquid that caused a tanning to the plastic (Photograph 4). System wells do heat and the worm drive pumps do pump (Photograph 12 & 13). The internal post for turning the worm gears on the gear drives, does spin. We were not able to test the system without a full complement of internal process motors. There is some residue buildup inside the system that would be exposed to the developer (Photograph 8 & 19). The thumb screw for the top of the internal red fixer drain tube is not present (Photograph 9). There is some writing on the top of the case, overall the system did power, but we could not perform any major tests. The black and red labels on the system labels have lost their adhesive properties (Photograph 7). The cable that connects the upper and lower system parts has a broken plastic ring (Photograph 18), but it does attach and screw in. Offered here for parts only.

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