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Andonian Cryogenics Cold Trap Gold Plated Nitrogen

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Andonian Cryogenics Cold Trap

This unit has the following Features:

  • The Gold Plated design results in long hold times of 12 to 16 hours.
  • Oversized to retain conductance of diffusion pump.
  • Polished and gold plated surfaces reduce out gassing.
  • Can be filled easily through a large diameter combination fill and vent port
  • Normally does not require automatic fill systems unless overnight operation is required.
  • Hold time is such that unit can warm up overnight which will allow pumping of condensable items out of the trap.
  • Heli-arc welded stainless steel with copper baffles.
  • Reliable and Efficient Cryogenic Design
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WarrantyThis unit will arrive in the condition shown. It comes with a 14 Day Guarantee against being DOA from receipt.
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