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ASHCROFT 45-1279 30 PSI GLYCERIN 10-101SS-04T-XCK 04-1115A-50-005 DIAPHRAGM SEAL

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ASHCROFT 45-1279 30 PSI GLYCERIN 10-101SS-04T-XCK 04-1115A-50-005 DIAPHRAGM SEAL is available to buy in increments of 1
Ashcroft 45-1279-SSL-04L-30# 10-101SS-04T-XCK 04-1115A-50-005 XCK

Pressure Gauge: 45-1279-SSL-04L-30#

  • Dial Size/model: 451279: 4 1/2" solid front
  • System (tube and process connection): S: 316 SS tube, 316L SS process connection, Max pressure 30000 psi
  • Case Design: S: Solid front case, dry
  • Process Connection Sizes: 04: 1/2" NPT Male
  • Process Connection Location: L: Lower Glycerin Filled
  • 30#: Positive Pressure: 30 psi
  • Option: NH: SS tag wired to case
  • Option: SG: Safety Glass
  • Option: F8: Gauge, flexible line assembly and diaphragm seal
  • Option: TM: Pipe mounting bracket ;

Diaphragm: 10-101SS-04T-XCK

  • Process Connection Size: 10: 1 NPT Female
  • Diaphragm Type: 1: 100 Series Capsule Diaphragm Threaded intop Top Housing
  • Flushing Port: 01: Flushing Port in Lower Housing
  • Dialphragm Materials: S: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Bottom Housing Materials: S: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Instrument Connection Size: 04T: 1/2 NPT Female instrument connection
  • Fill fluid (for seals attached to instrument): XCK: 50 cSt Silicone

Capillary: 04-1115A-50-005XCKF8

  • Process Connection: 04: 1/2" NPT Male
  • Model: 1115A: Standard Armored Capillary
  • Instrument Connection: 50: 1/4" NPT Female
  • Length in increments of feet: 005: 5'
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