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Asymtek Automove 403 Dispensing System with Computer, Work Holder & Gaurd

I powered this system on as shown. Pictures are of the actual item being sold. Pulled from production due to a change in process. System requires 220 Volts for operation as shown. Using the front panel control, I was able to move the head up and down in the 'Z' direction and I was able to move the head into all four corners as shown. 'Home' operation works correctly as well. Computer does power on although the battery is dead. Also note, there is a physical disk lock in the floppy drive and we do not have the key. After looking up the settings for the hard drive and configuring the BIOS, I was able to boot the computer and was presented a menu as shown although, we did not test operating the Automove system with the computer.

Please note the condition of the work holder and guard shroud, there is no top or front plastic parts to the enclosure. Lighting has been attached by screws to the sides of the Automove as shown. As the lighting has European style plugs, we have not tested it although these could easily be switched out for a different fixture.

For an accurate freight quote, please let me know zip code, if your location is commercial or educational, and if you have a fork lift or loading dock

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