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EA-EL 9080-200 HP DC ELECTRONIC LOAD 80V 200A 2400 WATT 100R 33200240 IF MODULE

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EA-EL 9080-200 HP DC ELECTRONIC LOAD 80V 200A 2400 WATT 100R 33200240 IF MODULE is available to buy in increments of 1
Elektro-Automatik EA-EL 9080-200 HP DC Electronic Load

With this electronic load, you can now dynamically test. Constant U, I, P, R, sawtooth, trapezium and square waves, adjustable flanks and pulse/break ratios, extremely fast regulation values (50 us 10…90 %), battery testing mode.

  • Article Number: 33200240
  • DC Input Voltage: 0 - 80 V
  • DC Input Current: 0 - 200 A
  • DC Input Power: 2400 W
  • Operation Modes: Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC), Constant Power (CP) and Constant Resistance (CR).
  • Resistance: Adjustment Range 1: 0 - 5 Ohm; Resolution 10 mOhm; Adjustment Range 2: 0 - 100 Ohm; Resolution: 100 mOhm; Accuracy: <= 2%
  • A/B operation with adjustable pulse width

System option: IF-U1 Interface Card :: Compatible with the Labview software; LabView compatible;
Relevant standards EN60950, EN61000, EN 55022 class B USB interface; Data rate up to 57600bd

System without load reads 0.3A. Reading bounces 0.2 to 0.3 A above expected during measurement. These offsets should be applied to any measurements, well within the operational guidelines on the system.

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