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FuturePlus AGP4X Analyzer Probe AGP 4X FS2221 ~ Agilent HP Keysight

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FuturePlus FS2221 AGP4X Analysis Probe

With the FS2221, designers can use their Agilent logic analyzer as a passive AGP 4X analyzer. The FuturePlus Transaction Inverse Assembler, coupled with the advanced triggering and system performance software of Agilent's logic analyzers, give the user a powerful tool in debugging, testing, and verifying compliance of PC's and workstations incorporating the AGP4X in the graphics system.

The FS2221 probe board plugs into an AGP4X socket. Four coax cables attach the probe board to the FS2221, with three cables carrying the 4X signals and one cable carrying the 1X signals. Since the AGP is a series-terminated bus, it is essential that designers keep the end-to-end AGP channel length less than 6" to insure proper capture of all transactions.

With the AGP4X transferring data at 266 MHz, the minimum setup and hold time is 1.1 ns. Since the AGP4X is series terminated, data is monitored at the receivers. The FS2221 is a conventional "interposer" design that plugs into the AGP connector in series with the AGP graphics card. The FS2221 can monitor the AGP in all three modes of operation, 1X, 2X and 4X. The AGP has 32 bits of Address/Data, 4 bits of Command/Byte Enables, 8 bits of sideband data, and 15 bits of control (1X clock). The strobed signals are valid on both edges. The strobe frequency is 133 MHz in 4X mode, and 66 MHz in 2X/1X mode. The 1X clock frequency is 66 MHz.

This unit has the following features:

  •     Quick and easy connection between the AGP socket and Agilent Logic Analyzers
  •     Complete and accurate 266 MHz (4X) or 133 MHz (2X) State Analysis
  •     Bus transactions clearly displayed in AGP mnemonics
  •     User can fine-adjust the data valid window with respect to the clock
  •     AGP transaction inverse assembler software executes on your Agilent logic analyzer

This unit works with the following Agilent Logic Analyzers:

  •     16700A and 16700B
  •     16702A and 16702B
  •     16717A, 16718A, and 16719A
  •     16717A, 16718A, and 16719A Turbo
  •     16740A, 16741A, and 16742A
  •     16750A, 16751A, and 16752A
  •     16750A, 16751A, and 16752A Turbo
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