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HP 11890A LIGHTWAVE DIRECTIONAL COUPLER ~ AGILENT is available to buy in increments of 1
HP 11890A March-Zenhder Interferometer

The HP 11890A is a March-Zenhder Interferometer of fixed delay. Used with an Agilent 71400 series or Agilent 83810B Lightwave signal analyser, it allows the measurement of chirp and frequency modulation on DFB Lasers. Traditional measurements of laser linewidth on single-line lasers cans also be made. The 11890A splits the optical energy into two paths, delaying one path with respect to the other, and recombines them in a second optical coupler. A polarization adjustment helps align the optical fields for maximum interference. Together the interferometer, lightwave signal analyser and a gateable RF Source permit the display of a true power spectrum of single frequency lasers. This includes the display of intensity modulation linewidth and components of chirp caused by the intensity modulation.

This unit has a range of 1270 to 1600 nm and supports 9/125 um single-mode fiber.

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