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HP 8591A SPECTRUM ANALYZER 1.8 GHZ 001 011 023 101 102 75 OHM AGILENT

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HP 8591A Spectrum Analyzer

On power up, system displays following options installed:

  • 001 - 75 Ohm Input Connector
  • 011 - 75 Ohm Tracking Generator
  • 023 - RS-232 Interface
  • 101 - Fast Time Domain Sweeps
  • 102 - AM/FM Demodulator and TV Sync Trigger
More Information
Condition For parts or not working
Warranty This system was tested by attaching the 75 Ohm input to the Calibration Out port on the system front. The calibration signal did not return a clean calibration peak. System is being sold on an "As-Is" basis with no warranty expressed or implied for parts only.