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ILX Lightwave MPS-8033 1539.00 nm Precision Fiber Optic Laser Diode Source DFB

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ILX Lightwave MPS-8033

Model MPS-8033 fiber optic source is a micro-processor controlled laser diode source that provide power at user specified wavelengths including DFB lasers in the WDM C-Band and L-Band wavelengths. Instrument features include user adjustable light power output and internal modulation frequencies selected via front panel or remotely. High output stability for all options is achieved by using ILX Lightwave's proven laser diode current and temperature control technology. Each MPS-8033 comes with a standard GPIB interface and to close the loop with other lab measurement instruments, the instrument provides a TTL compatible trigger which is synchronized with the output of the internally modulated signal.

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