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Leibinger JET3up pi 97-007001S Continuous Ink Jet Barcode Line Pigment Printer SK4 55-004484S

I powered this on as shown in the pictures. This equipment was installed in a facility that was mothballed at the beginning of the nationwide closures. We are handling the liquidation of the assets from their site. Both ink and solvent were drained during professional de-install. System uses a pre-programmed calendar schedule to determine maintenance service. As a result, the system is displaying a warning message, "FEP 10202 - 'Due to the accumulated operating time a service is required.'" Part number 97-007001S:: 45 degree umbilical with 10' cord. I powered this on as shown in the pictures. There is a hole in the side labeled "TEST PORT" case for access to umbilical.

This instrument is offered here with one of two configuration options. After purchase of the equipment, we can arrange for Leibinger to come to your facility install, service, and train your staff with this piece for one price that includes up to two hours drive time. Alternately, if you already have a working relationship with these units or Leibinger, we offer the instrument only with the note that the internal system calendar is calling for service.

To get a freight quote, please let me know if your facility is commercial or educational and if it has a loading dock or fork lift.

Payment must be received in full with a confirmed bank method.

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