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Loctite 98011 Hand-Held Dispensing Gun For 300 ML Cartridges TR70 984245

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Loctite 98011 Hand-Held Dispensing Gun

The 98011 Hand-Held Dispensing Gun for 300 ml Cartridges is used to manually dispense dots or beads of Proform Reactive Polyurethane Hot Melts. The dispense temperature is set at 250oF and the warm up time is 7-10 minutes. The system includes a pressure-regulating stand with optional vertical application stand and footswitch for hands-free application. Using a cartridge keeps the product isolated from the reservoir and eliminates reservoir contamination.

This system does not include a nozzle.

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WarrantyThis unit will arrive in the condition shown. It comes with a 14 Day Guarantee against being DOA from receipt.
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