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Maury Microwave 2660B TRL LRL VNA Calibration Kit ~ 8510C

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Maury Microwave 2660B TRL/LRL VNA Calibration Kit

The Maury 2660B tri-kit is capable of performing three types of calibrations.

  • 1) A TRL full 2-port calibration can be performed from 0 to 18 GHz. The TRL air line lengths meet NIST and Agilent's recommendation of 30 degrees phase margin.
  • 2) SOLT (Short-Open-Load-Thru) 1-port or 2-port calibration can be performed using the provided fixed precision terminations, opens and shorts.
  • 3) Short-open-(air line + load) 1-port calibration for gated measurements can be performed using the 15cm air line. This provides a very accurate impedance standard for measurements below the TRL range.

Source match can also be measured using the 15cm air line and provided short circuit.

This auction incldues the following:

  • One (1) 2653S3.12 Air line, 3.12cm
  • One (1) 2653L Air line, 0.69cm
  • One (1) 2653S15 Air line, 15cm
  • One (1) 2616D3 Open circuit
  • Two (2) 2633B3 NMD 3.5mm (f) to 7mm
  • Two (2) 2615D3 Fixed short, 7mm
  • Two (2) 2610F Fixed termination
  • Two (2) 2633C NMD3.5mm female to 7mm adapter
  • One (1) 2660S14B 7mm Calibration Kit Software Agilent 8510C
  • One (1) 2660S18B 7mm Calibration Kit Software Anritsu 37000

This unit has the following options: 14 & 19 Software

Some of the blocks have scratching.

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