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Nanometer Technologies MCP12 Mass Connector Polisher Fiber Optic Bellcore MCP-12

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Nanometer Technologies MCP12

This versatile polisher is designed for high quality connector polishing. With the ability to polish up to 12 connectors at once and control the polishing process on every level, the MCP 12 is the perfect solution to your polishing needs.

The MCP 12 features consistent and repeatable processes. The MCP 12 easily meets the industry level standards for polishing including the  specifications for TIA, IEC/Bellcore, & GR326. Our patented figure 8 polishing system let’s users tightly control the radius, apex offset and fiber height. The MCP 12 can polish a wide range of connectors and accommodates a full range of industry standard polishing styles including PC, UPC, 8 DEG APC, 10 DEG APC, FLAT, SPHERICAL, RADIUS, & DOMED. The MCP 12 can also polish a wide variety of ferrule material including ceramic, glass, stainless steel, and plastic. 

This unit has the following features:

  • Radius of curvature: 10 mm-30 mm
  • Apex offset: less than 50 uM
  • Undercut: less than 50nM
  • Insertion loss: less than 0.3dB
  • Return loss: less than -50dB (UPC polish)

System does not include any fixtures or polish plates.

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