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Newport 10GL08AR.18 Glan-Laser Calcite Polarizer 25.4 mm Diameter 1000 - 1550 nm

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Newport 10GL08AR.18

The 10GL08AR.18 Glan-Laser Calcite Polarizer is designed for demanding applications requiring extreme polarization purity and high resistance to laser damage. Two escape ports provide an exit for the rejected polarization component, avoiding dangerous absorption of laser power by the polarizer housing. This allows this polarizer to be used in Q-switched laser cavities and other multiple pass applications. This polarizer has Newport's AR.18 broadband IR antireflection coating with a 1000 to 1550 nm wavelength range. The housing has been designed to mount into our standard 1 inch (25.4 mm) optic holders, rotary stages, and precision positioning components. The output polarization axis is clearly marked on the housing.

This unit has the following specifications:

  • Model: 10GL08AR.18
  • Type: Glan-Laser Calcite Polarizers
  • Wavelength Range: 1000 to 1550 nm
  • Extinction Ratio: Tp/Ts > 100,000:1, 400–1064 nm, unpolarized input
  • Clear Aperture: 10.0 mm
  • Material: Calcite
  • Surface Quality: 20-10 scratch dig, 80-50 scratch-dig for exit apertures scratch-dig
  • Damage Threshold: 500 W/cm2 CW, 4 J/cm2 with 10 nsec pulses, typical
  • Diameter: 1 in. (25.4 mm)
  • Diameter Tolerance: ±0.25 mm
  • Reflected Beam Deviation: 67 °
  • Transmitted Beam Deviation: <3 arc min
  • Transmission: Tp > 92%, polarized input, with broadband AR coating; Tp > 95%, polarized input, with AR V-coating for 1064 nm
  • Wavelength: 1000 nm
  • Wavelength: 1550 nm
  • Wavefront Distortion: <=?/4 at 632.8 nm over the full aperture
  • Acceptance Angle: Wavelength dependent, from 4° full angle at 441.6 nm to 1° full angle at 1064 nm
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ConditionFor parts or not working
WarrantyPlease note that there is a spot on the lens (Photo 2 Top Middle). Therefore this unit is being sold
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