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POLYMER LABORATORIES PL-GPC 50 PLUS GPC SYSTEM ~ G7810A G7813A VARIAN AGILENT is available to buy in increments of 1
Polymer Laboratories PL-GPC 50 Plus GPC System

The PL-AS RT Autosampler is designed for use with the PL-GPC 50 Plus. This X-Y style autosampler has a 156-vial capacity and operates at ambient temperature. Sample injection is with a flushed fixed loop giving reproducibility (RSD) of ≤0.5%. Programming through the PL-GPC 50 Plus control interface provides the flexibility of automated wash cycles, and up to nine injections per vial.

This lot is composed of all the pieces photographed here on the table. The system was decommissioned from a univerisity with corporate funding. A few of the cables that would interconnect the system made it with the piece as it is now offered and the deteurium bulb needs to be replaced. The Polymer Laboratories PL-GPC 50 Plus system does power, but there was a distinct humming sound heard from the front section of the system where the Systec ZHCR (Zero Hysteresis / Constant Run) Preparative vacuum pump connects to the front panel. The PL-DCU system was not connected with any cables and emits a loud beeping sound. PL Datastream (G7825A) was tested to power on only. The Polymer Laboratories PL-AS RT GPC Autosampler moves about the platform and returns to home.

Modules Installed:

  • PL-LS Dual Angle Light Scattering Detector (G7812A)
  • PL-BV400RT Viscometer
  • PL-RI Refractive Index Detector

We don't have the operational software for this system, a full complement of cables, or the expertise to operate it. It is offered here in an incomplete condition for parts only.

System will require shipment through freight, please let me know about receiving location commercial or educational, zip code, access to fork lift or loading dock. Based on the payment and shipping methods necessary, equipment must be paid with a confirmed bank method.
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Condition For parts or not working
Warranty This unit will arrive in the condition shown. It is being sold AS-IS and WITHOUT WARRANTY.