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Preamble Instruments 1855 Differential Amplifier With XC 100 Differential Probe

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Preamble Instruments 1855 Differential Amplifier with XC 100 Differential Probe

The DA1855A is a stand-alone, high-performance 100 MHz differential amplifier. It is intended to act as a signal conditioning preamplifier for oscilloscopes, digitizers and spectrum analyzers, providing differential measurement capability to instruments having only a single-ended input. 

When used with a DA1855A, oscilloscopes can obtain Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) and overdrive recovery performance levels previously unobtainable. Amplifier gain can be set to 1 or 10. A built-in input attenuator can be separately set to attenuate signals by a factor of 10, providing gains of 10, 1, or 0.1 and common mode dynamic range of ±15.5 V (÷1) or ±155 V (÷10).

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