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SIGNATONE S-725-PRM MAGNETIC BASE PROBE MANIPULATOR PIVOT RIGHT HAND S-725 - C is available to buy in increments of 1
Signatone S-725-PRM Magnetic Base Probe Manipulator

The .5" X .5" scanning area allows positioning on even the largest dies and hybrid circuits. Each axis is spring loaded to prevent backlash, and the control knobs are conveniently placed at the rear of the micropositioner to allow one hand to control all three axes at the same time. The probe mount is electrically isolated from positioner body, and is attached to an integrated cable which terminates in a male pin jack connector.

The "P" head has a pivot assembly which allows the probe tip holder to be quicly positioned in the Z axis, prior to using the fine Z positioning movement for final contact.

More Information
Condition Used
Warranty Unknown model probe tip is included (Photograph three) functionality unknown, no warranty offered on this part. System cables have been modified with spade terminal endings (Photograph five). The Pivot Head spring had a zip tie applied to the cabling that passed around it, which caused the spring to be partially crimped, it is still functional as it stands, but cutting the zip tie will also require replacing the spring. This unit will arrive in the condition shown. It comes with a 14 Day Guarantee against being DOA from receipt as long as the zip tie is maintained in configuration.