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Tektronix MTX100A MPEG Recorder Player With Option 01

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Tektronix MTX100A

The Tektronix MTX100A MPEG-2 Recorder and Player offers a flexible, affordable solution for design evaluation and conformance testing of digital video products using MPEG-2 technology. The MTX100A records and plays out MPEG-2 transport streams compliant with ATSC, DVB and ISDB standards at the high data rates needed to verify and troubleshoot designs for highperformance video products and systems. The large internal storage, DVD drive and Ethernet download capability help you build and maintain a large library of test streams. The MTX100A offers continuous, error-free transport stream looping for long duration playout and PCR jitter insertion for stressing designs. Users can continuously loop all sample streams, including updating of all timestamps, continuity counters, time tables (TDT, TOT and STT), Normal Play-Time Reference and ISDB-T Reed Solomon FEC, without fear of buffer under- or overflow. New Ethernet network remote control functionality enables control of functions such as Play, Record, Clock Rate and Jitter Insertion using the SCPI (Standard Control for Programmable Instruments) command set.

This unit has the following options installed:

  • 01: Asynchronous Serial Interface (Connector: BNC, Maximum data rate: 200 Mbps, User-selectable burst and non-burst transmission format.)
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