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TEKTRONIX TDS3054B OSCILLOSCOPE 500 MHZ 5.0 GS/S COLOR TDS 3AAM MODULE 3TRG 3FFT is available to buy in increments of 1
Tektronix TDS3054B Oscilloscope W/ 3AAM Advanced Analysis Module

TDS 3AAM Module:

  • The TDS3AAM module adds extended math capability, arbitrary math expressions, measurement statistics and additional automated measurements. With it you can define waveforms as arbitrary math expressions - including a variety of mathematical functions plus constants and measurements. The TDS3AAM also adds Area and Cycle Area measurements, differentiation and integration functions, measurement averaging, and measurement statistics.

This does not include any probes

Channel 2 seems to have an issue. It seems to show the signal correctly as shown in the pictures; however, with no inputs and after performing a "Factory Init," channel 2 defaults to 10.0mV instead of 100mV. This leads me to believe there may be an issue with the probe interface board or the interface IC on the main board. Perhaps you can repair it or maybe you only require a three port scope.

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Condition Used
Warranty This unit will arrive in the condition shown, there was some sort of heat source close to the plastic and it warped the face plate some on the left edge and caused a slight discoloration to the pixels on the screen in line with that (Photograph nine), a slightly lighter shade of grey, the screen displays just fine though. Due to the issues with channel 2, we are selling this item as-is and without warranty.