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TITAN MULTIDROP MICRO MICROPLATE LIQUID HANDLER & TITERTEK 384 DISPENSER 96 832 is available to buy in increments of 1
Titan Multidrop Micro  Microplate Liquid Handler with TiterTek 384 Dispenser

This system has an eight channel dispensing casette installed. There is some residue from use on the system and some corrosion at various water exposure points on the TiterTek 384. The system has been fully tested, photographs four to nine show the plate moving through the process. The well tower holds 20 units, the plates start in the right tower, and the machine lowers one down onto a plate, the plate then moves to the left via a platform on a screw. The screw does make a bit of noise, but works well, to the edge of system, two metal arms lower down pickup the plate, the plate moves back into the system, and the arms lower it onto the TiterTek pad. The pad then advances under the 8 channel cassette dispensing the solution. It moves in and then back out. Once finished, the arms pick it up and then lower it into the plate on the screw platform, where the system moves it to the left well tower. After that it goes to the right well for another plate and continues the process.

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