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UNIVO MICRONIC CM480 MP35050 MANUAL PUSH CAP CAPPER 96 WELL & ADAPTER is available to buy in increments of 1
Univo Micronic CM480 MP35050 Manual Push Cap Capper

The Univo Manual Capper CM480 operates as a stand-alone device that is extremely easy-to-use. To operate, place a capcluster on the racked sample tubes, slide the rack on the adapter into the Univo Manual Capper rack entrance and with a simple forward / reverse action of the black handle all tubes are now evenly capped. After capping 96 sample tubes in one action, the capcluster retaining foil can be simply removed to leave each tube individual securely capped. Each tube can be easily opened again using a Manual Decapper.

Built to meet the varying needs of different users, the Univo Manual Capper can seal full or partially full racks with the complete range of Micronic TPE or EVA plug style capmats, capbands and capclusters. The capper is also compatible with other brands of storage tubes and racks.

Includes plate adapter shown; height 30.46 mm (1.199")

Some small cracking to the front plastic on the left side; function unaffected (Photograph 14).

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